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Trains on Kauai, Operating Hawaiian Steam Locomotives, 1887 Plantation Steam Locomotive 'PAULO', BALDWIN Saddle Tank Locomotives, Cane Cars, Gregg Side Brake Wheel Flat Car, Historic Railroad Right of Ways, Railroad Operations & History, Kauai Movie making Trains, Model Trains on Kauai...Puhi Fire, Historic Puhi Buildings

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Puhi Fire Trains on Kauai Operating Hawaiian Steam Locomotives 1887 Plantation Steam Locomotive 'PAULO', BALDWIN Saddle Tank Locomotives Cane Cars Gregg Side Brake Wheel Flat Car Historic Railroad Right of Ways Railroad Operations & History Kauai Movie making Trains Model Trains on Kauai...Kauai Freight fire
`Ohina Nupepa `Olelo Hawai`i
* See below about 'Kamehameha Day'

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Regular FIRE UPS 2013-
Feb.14, Mar.14, Apr.11, May 9,Jun.13, Jul. 11, Aug.8, Sept.12, Oct.10 , Nov.14, Dec.12

Special Days:
Apr.13th Ohana Day- Paul/PAULO's Celibration
May 11th 2013 National Train Day @Grove Farm museum
National Train Day 2013
Sept. ?, 2013 Smithsonian Magazine's National Museum Day
2012 Smithsonian Magazine's National Museum Day
Dec.6 Festival of Lights
Dec. 21 Waimea Lighted Christmas Parade

This month : Merry March!!!

The Lihue Mill is almost gone, Stack is down...and it's been busy here down on the tracks !
We have just put the "LP Mill Car" into service, a little 12' flat car with four axels. We had to remove the center 2 axels so it could handle curves, as the mill was a straight shot track. This was used to transport mill rollers and other heavy parts from the "B" mill to the shop area. Items from the "B" mill would be placed on top by overhead crane then pushed across the track in the lower floor to be lifted by the "A" mill crane then delivered to the shop area. Mill shop had shapers, mills, drill presses, welders, little lathes and a 3'diameter one ...oh yea, a 4'lathe with a 20'long bed!

December saw Rock donation by Kauai Freight, so the flatcar & mill car will be hauling rock to the end of the line for repairs needed after the winter storms.

Work around track will continue as funding permits.

Many schools use Grove Farm museum to fulfill core education requirements, with all GFm has, any educational area can have a 'touch stone event' them for yours!

Touch Stone Event The third-grade students from Elsie Wilcox Elementary School came for their annual lessons on "Simple Machines" with a little Kauai history thrown in! Six sections over three days took care of the kids with the last group on Jan.28th. See : PAULO Puffing - The Garden Island 12/4/12 click ... and come back!

What would YOU do if you could?
...Can you, with a little help from a friend?
Working together we can make a difference ! ! !

Kauai is Hawaii's storehouse for operating ...

Historic Steam Locomotives.

Elisio Antonio
Grove Farm's Last Engineer
Hawaii's Last Steam Cane Train Engineer!

Grove Farm Operational Locomotives (3)

WAINIHA (1915), KAIPU (1925), Paulo (1887).....................1983 L-R: WAINIHA (Elisio), KAIPU (Matt), Paulo (Scott)

Historic Kauai track gauges spanned from the 18" mine train which built the water tunnels (GF also built a truck tunnel to Koloa), to the 2 foot gauge Kilauea Sugar Plantation Company (first railroad on the island), the islands dominate 30" gauge trackage systems and the short lived standard gauge line building the Nawiliwili breakwater.

In 1930, when George Norton Wilcox (GN) connected his Grove Farm rail operations with Koloa Mill trackage near Knudsen Gap, track connections were made from western Kekaha to eastern Anahola covering the populated half of the island.

Grove Farm style locomotive sanders

Check out the Web links,down below...

Mahalo to Hawaiian Airlines 'Hana Hou!' Magazine for the article and information about Kauai's RR history.
Check it out at : Hana Hou - 'Riding the Sugar Train'

Mahalo to Lee Cataluna and the Honolulu Star-Advertiser newspaper for the article and information about Grove Farm trains.
Check it out at : Train tours keep Kauai's sugar history chugging along

Mahalo to Dennis Fujimoto at the Garden Island Newspaper for the article and information about Grove Farm's PAULO, and our friends.
Check it out at : 'Paulo' feeling age during final 'firing up' day

Cheryl Chee Tsutsumi became the first newspaper article to get all the train facts right !!!
7/8/2012 - Honolulu Star-Advertiser travel section HAWAII'S BACKYARD
Cheryl Chee Tsutsumi is a Honolulu-based freelance writer whose travel features for the Star-Advertiser have won several Society of American Travel Writers awards.
link Travel back in time to Kauai's sugar era

Also at the Historic Hawaii Foundation News site:
Cheryl Chee Tsutsumi, Honolulu Star-Advertiser, Travel back in time to Kauai's sugar era

Historic Grove Farm Flatcar recognized in Wyoming !!!
Mohala Johnson's
perspective receives HONORABLE MENTION Award in 'Cheyenne Artist Guild' photo contest (4th place over dozens of entries, including professional photographers!)Check it out at

Grove Farm museum -Free Rides, (808)245-3202
Second Thursday Each Month At The Lihue Sugar Mill !
Old Lihue Sugar Mill 'Employee Parking Lot', on Haleko Road , between Nawiliwili Road and Rice Streets in Lihue.
EXTRA train days for school or community groups?
Call office at 808-245-3202.


How did King David Kalakaua feel about Trains in Hawaii?
. . . Allowed a railroad to be built on Big Island
What did he do in 1883?
... went for a ride in the 1882 Ransom & Rapier first class car (there was only one) the passenger cars became known as "KALAKAUA Cars"
When was Hawaii's first Baldwin Locomotive made, what was its name when it went into service?
The KALAKAUA was built in 1879 and arrived in 1880. Renamed the Leslie.
. . . Princess Liliuokalani
The year was 1881, where was the spike driven?
...Kilauea Sugar Plantation's 2 foot gauge tracks (09-24-1881).

Name the historic "First in the Kingdom" railroad events that happened on Kauai?

1899 Eleele Plantation Hawaii's first Electric Locomotive (BLW), August Dreier's 4 mi. railroad. Locomotive had 2- 500 volt DC, 25 Hp motors, rated to haul 10 - 3.5 ton cars up a 4.5% grade!

1920 Territory of Hawaii GREAT TRAIN ROBBERY- Mana payroll $11,000, Kaimiola Hali, a fisherman, who spoke and wrote Hawaiian/English, found guilty in the second degree with a strong recommendation to clemency. Served four years in jail, Hali later became a guard at Iolani Palace on Oahu as well as a Territorial Sheriff.

1921 Hawaii's first Standard Gauge (4'8.5" gauge)Davenport steam locomotive, 0-4-0T, used to build Nawiliwili breakwater, hauling rock on about~2 mi. track. USA funds project requiring rail connection of plantations; GN & GF Co. holds $200K construction Bond.

1928 Kekaha Sugar - Hawaii's first Diesel Locomotive put into service on KAUAI! 12 ton PLYMOTH, 77 H.P. @ 650 R.P.M. 4 speed transmission (F/R) chain drive to wheels.

What "End of the line" Railroad events happened on Kauai?

1957 78 YR. RUN OF HAWAIIAN STEAM POWERED SUGARCANE TRAINS END, Grove Farm's 'WAINIHA' hauls last load of sugar cane to Lihue Plantation sugar mill, September 24th. Elisio Antonio, Grove Farm's Last Engineer, Hawaii's Last Steam Cane Train Engineer!

1959 Fall, KAUAI'S LAST SUGAR CANE TRAIN was hauled by diesel locomotive at Lihue, railroad was sold off, with two engines sent to Cuba, believed still surviving today and never paid for... GE 30 ton center cab diesels, let's go get them back!

Current Historic Operations

The Grove Farm museum railways are 30 inch gauge and have two locations- circa 1943 Puhi engine house and Lihue Plantation Sugar Mill site trackage of the LP & Grove Farm rail lines. Grove Farm museum is laying Additional track along historic rights of way at the mill site using original maps from the area and running the Grove Farm steam engines restored by Matt Austin, museum staff and volunteers. Grove Farm museum 'fires up' the second Thursday each month at the Lihue Mill, call the office (808) 245-3202 for times or arrangements and stop on by for an informational ride !

A shot of what's operating down on the tracks in Lihue starting Aug.11, 2011.

Sept. 24, 2011 a big celebration at Grove Farm museum
Up at the homestead Ohana day and down on the rails WAINIHA returns to operation at Lihue Mill Railroad Right of Way...

PAULO, Sam and Kelly have a fun train day.

Kapaa Elementary 'SMILE' with the crew!

PAULO has the distinction of having the last locomotive boiler stamped with the ASME "L" Stamp (Locomotive). This "L" stamped boiler was built by King Frey at Western Metal Products in 1981. Only 3 "L" Stamps were in use then, but they were recalled in 1983 and boilers then received the "S" Stamp (Power Boiler), ... the end of an era.

Too much wood? Nope, too much Steam!

Grove Farm Flyer click here

Grove Farm museum -Free Rides, (808)245-3202

Second Thursday Each Month At The Lihue Sugar Mill !

For what's happening on KAUAI See : 'Kauai Festivals and Events'

Jan.28/29, 2013 saw extra fire up days...
Howard Berry, a long time volunteer has helped with fire ups when he's in town and has helped fabricate cane car parts from wood and metal.
Yep, Howard and Scott have heat and beat cane car hooks and hinges "old school" with a 40 ton press, bench vice, hammers and of course an acetylene torch!(coal is a little hard to come by)
Yes, there is just nothing much better than mushing metal. Guess we should add some pictures huh?

Train events 2012
May 12, 2012 was National Train Day
We once again celebrated America's love of trains!
A Great train time = 'National Train Day'
GFm TRAIN RIDES - 'Riding Hawaii's only Steam Sugar Cane Train'

County of Kauai Summer Enrichment Program kids joined us for a ride into Hawaii's past, 749 kids plus aids.

Sept. 13th reg. Fire up /Saturday the 29th Sept.1,1934 Makee unincorporated becomes LP Makee div.
we celebrated our Kauai History !
Sept. 24th was Monday - 1881 Kauai's first Spike/1957 Hawaii's last Steam Sugar Cane Train
Sept. 29 -Ohana Day// Smithsonian Magazine's National Museum Day
(Stop by and tour Hawaii's Plantation legacy at the Grove Farm homestead this year.)

Oct. 11 reg. Fire up
Oct. 8, 1930, GF connects East and West Kaua'i joined by railroad for the first time
Kauai's First Train arrives @ Kilauea Plantation - Oct. 10,1881
Hawaii's Last Sugar Cane Train runs - Oct. 10,1959 Last sugar train was an LP Co. diesel run.

Nov. 8th reg. Fire up - November is National Model Railroad Month

Dec 13th Regular Fire up Day
December Parade Event dates ...
Lights on Rice Street Parade Dec 7th Friday
Lights on Rice Street Parade click & come back...

Waimea Lighted Christmas Parade 22nd Saturday Waimea Town Celebration Parade click EXTRA train days for school lessons
Call office for details on your visit - 808-245-3202

We have track work in the works, but basically 131 years of Kauai railroading has kept me busy as well!
You know, what we call work today will someday be HISTORY!

Be back soon...

MORE Trains Days will be added as soon as I know about check back for more Hawaiian train fun runs !!!

Public Service Announcement:
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As the 'kauai trains' sites strive to correct errors as found ... I'm blowing the whistle loud and clear till corrected !

Corrections in RED

___the Grove Farm museum's new web site
_Train Page -


Paulo is the oldest surviving OPERATING plantation locomotive in Hawaii. It was manufactured in Dusseldorf, Germany in 1887 at the Hohenzollern Works and shipped to Koloa Sugar Company, the first commercial sugar plantation in the kingdom of Hawaii, where it was in use until 1920. ...

Wainiha, owned by McBryde Sugar Plantation, was named for the North Shore stream and could would pull up to 50 cars. Sold to Lihue Plantation in 1932, Grove Farm Company bought the locomotive in 1947 1955.It was in use until 1957 making Grove Farm Plantation the last to haul cane by steam. Miss Mabel Wilcox funded its restoration in 1975.

Wahiawa Named for a Kauai westside stream, Wahiawa was built in 1921 for the Kauai Railway Company, was sold to McBryde Sugar Plantation in 1938 and to Grove Farm Company in 1947. Grove Farm Company donated these locomotives, which it had stored for twenty years since 1957, to Mabel Wilcox's newly developed Grove Farm museum in 1975. Since that time, three of the four locomotives have been restored. The museum also constructed a replica flat car and three restored a flat car and cane car and constructed 2 replica cane cars, which are outfitted with benches for passengers.

Wainiha, Kaipu and Wahiawa were all built by the Baldwin Locomotive Works in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and were originally coal or oil fueled.
Kaipu factory oil fired, Wainiha & Wahiawa factory coal converted to bunker C oil, Wainiha to diesel in 1975.

Other Site correction
From Wikipedia: 'Heritage railways in Kauai'
Site =
"Kauai's first railway
In Kauai, the Kilauea Sugar Plantation purchased a steam locomotive from Germany and created 30-gauge tracks through the sugar cane fields. The first spike in this track was driven by Princess Liliʻuokalani, then Regent and soon to assume the throne as last Queen of the Kingdom of Hawaii. ..."
Other Site correction
Site =
"1881 - Princess Regent Liliuokalani drives the last spike into the plantation's railroad "
Actually Liliuokalani drove in the First Spike on Sept. 24th 1881, as stated in the 'Pacific Commercial Advertiser'Oct.8,1881, under "Tour of the Princess Regent on Kauai".


'At Home on the Rails'
or is Aloha Kauai Foto 1 & Makana Crest...
'On The Rails at Home ? '

A private, quite literally "Backyard Operation" runs Kilauea Plantation wheels on 2' gauge trackage for 130 ft. in Wailua homesteads. The 'Hans' crafted 'PUSH cart' got to be too much work on the slight grade and has since been powered with a lawn mower drive system. Karen & Hans Hellriegel have been supporting the trains for years with custom grown fuel for the German Locomotive 'PAULO', I call the home grown wood "Paulo's ethnic food".

Creative New Tourist Operations

'Kauai Plantation Railway'

Newly introduced 36" gauge tracks at Kilohana were created as the Kauai Plantation Railway*. They have about 2.4 miles in a looping affair that yields multiple length rides for their visitor attractions, Boone Morrison did a great job of designing for flexibility.

* Note: Kauai had no 36" gauge railway, this equipment is new to the island. Trains never operated as presented, an 'old building' is now a Depot. The "Kalakaua Car" exists on Maui and is owned by the A & B Sugar Museum. Built in 1882, King David rode it in 1883 on the Big Island! (Sadly not on public display due to lack of funding)
The historic 'Kauai Railway' was 30" gauge and on the west side of the Island.

As a Side note :
Grove Farm shops have several 3 foot gauge serpentine spoke wheel sets ( 2 loaned to KPRy ) as well as 70, 80 and 90 pound rail lengths ... none of which were normally used for operations here ! Perhaps a 'War time' transfer... "Rail is rail!"... Huh ?

"It's what we got, there's a war on Ya know !"

Puhi Fire Destroys Historic Grove Farm Freight Depot

The Garden Island 5-13-2010
Honolulu Advertizer 5-14-2010
Grove Farm "WAREHOUSE" History

FIRE !!!
These historic Rail/Trusses were lost...

To answer the question of where the Rails were,
just look up !

HAMCO Glass in Puhi is a favorite supporter of Grove Farm trains and was protected by the rails! They were our first Recycled Wood source for PAULO. The fire has taken away much...BUT HAMCO has risen from the ashes!!!They are ready to serve in Hanamaulu at the old Hanamaulu Mill warehouse.

Lights on Rice Street Parade Dec. 3rd. 2010

Sam running as brakeman getting ready and the ladies of the "SONS OF KAUAI".

Dennis Fujimoto/The Garden Island 12-4-2010 (front page top)
STANDALONE lantern PARADE copy.jpg -

Scott Johnson, right, the engineer for Paulo, the Grove Farm Museum's steam locomotive, gets a kerosene lantern to help illuminate the cab for the Lights on Rice parade. See Sunday's paper for many more photos of the Friday-night event.

Note by SJ: Fred Tangonan, left, was part of the crew who restored PAULO in 1981, he says "See those rivets, I put those in there". Fred left the crew for a county job in 1982 but said working on the trains was the most fun job he ever had.

Aloha Nicole and friends back east...
Click here for the Sunshine...

"Not Unstoppable in Lihue"

The Kauai Museum proudly presents:
The Great Kauai Train Robbery (Display)
Check out Play by Lee Cataluna about the event.
Hope you saw it on the stage !
Kumu Kahua Theatre presented THE GREAT KAUA'I TRAIN ROBBERY, 10/28-11/28/2010
Broadway World .Com

Google Kauai Great Train Robbery

WEB Links HERE !


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EASTER 2011 Train Display

Lights on Rice Street Parade
Making of the Waiola Mission House / Grove Farm Museum TRAIN Float:
U Tube Kauai Parade 2009
The "mertondkd" video
Sons Of Kauai Community Outreach Project 2009

Honolulu Star-Bulletin - Choo-chooing up the scenery
Honolulu Star-Bulletin - A little history in each of 4 engines

Matt's Train Photos

Grove Farm museum (no trains)

The Garden Island Newspaper

The Garden Island Newspaper - Archives
TRAIN DAY Paulo Puffs By - Sunday, March 13, 2011
'Paulo' welcomes 2010 with free rides
Happy Birthday, Paulo
puff PAULO copy.jpg - (text correction "1887")
sam PAULO copy.jpg
aerial PAULO copy.jpg
Sugar cane train days relived
'To End All Wars' a hit here
Editorial for Sunday -- January 25, 2004
Island History for Friday, December 11, 2009 (10-8-30 GF& Koloa tracks joined)
Cane train revival underway
Cane train revival underway 'Image'
Cane train running once again
Love of trains not stifled by showers
Love of trains... 'Shelter Image'
Love of trains not stifled by showers 'Parka Image'
Love of trains ... 'Steam Image'
Lights on Rice Street Parade12-6-09
'Paulo' takes passengers on historic ride to see tomorrow
'Paulo' takes passengers on historic ride to see tomorrow 'Image'
Lei waits for her day to work on the railroad
Eagle flies with steam locomotives
Happy Camper - 50 years since last Steam Cane Train
Sugar steam trains toil again - This time, the cargo is Cub Scouts
Happy Birthday, Paulo (12th)
Take a train into Kaua'i's past - Birthday party (13th)
Island History - Grove Farm Museum celebrates 25 years Sunday
Grove Farm Museum 25 years 'Image'
New arrivals add to train collection
New arrivals add to train collection 'Image'
Sugar trains link Kaua'i history, family roots (Rick Burrell) Kekaha Sugar lasted 120 years despite challenges
BY CHRIS COOK TGI (Then)New Media Manager ("To End All Wars"summery)
Moving trains for moving pictures
Wa I Hala: from the files of The Garden Island (Great Train Robbery Sentencing)
Kaua'i business story of the century:Sugar survives into new millennium -KAUMAKANI
Link to The Garden Island: Grove Farm museum/Kaua'i Museum "Ohana Day"

Steam Locomotive Site (type in Hawaii & United States)

Railway Preservation News - Hawaii Trains
Railway Preservation News - Wood Burning Loco's
Pacific Coast Railroad Co.- Kauai Visit 2009

Missing Photos from TGI Stories coming.

Kauai Plantation Railway - Created Operations - (PR & Ads have been misleading)

Kauai's Modelers Do it with style:

Lopaka's Kauai inspired Layout shouts his credo, "You gotta use your imagination Man !" This Hawaiian wasn't about to model the mainland, which is a real challenge with what is marketed. This is his first real attempt at modeling, although he wanted to do it from "little kid time". Under doctors orders "to take it easy", one look at his great layout tells you Lopaka just don't do things that way. After traveling the world he's back home and modeling the place he loves ...Hawaii.

Here is a RR X-ing and the station,

And down on the farm...

And down on the plantation...

And down on the Sand...Day or Night

WOW, this shot shows how a great layout is put together,
the big scene is about all the little details!

One look and you know Lopaka has a special railroad !

Lopaka's Christmas layout !
(Different every year!)

Another first timer

Look here, a Lovely Ladies Little Layout,
who's first try at modeling is worthy of a Look !

Yes, she has two scales working a forced perspective effect ! . . . (N & Z gauge track)

Beachrail layout 2011!

First Ever Safeway Holiday Train Display 2011!
Princess Liliuokalani drove in Kauai's FIRST RAILROAD SPIKE. . .
Now, Kapaa, Kauai is where Safeway's first Trains roll...
more photo's coming soon.

Pat's Christmas layout '08!

Scott@ Kapaa Elem. School

'Easter Train Runs' in strange places:

What's coming from Eric goes here.
What's coming from Paul goes here.
What's coming from Scott goes here.
What's coming from Someone goes here.

Christmas Pic's from the Past

We would like to Thank you for visiting your Kauai information spot for railroading. For both real and model, I'll be fixing up the site as time permits...Check back,

I'm just a click away!

Grove Farm museum - Free Rides,

Second Thursday Each Month At The Lihue Sugar Mill !

Special Runs Too!

Best wishes in connecting to Kauai's Trains, check back as we're laying new tracks to make contacts!

When something is good it should be shared... I've been asked what kind of oil we use at GFm for our steam operations, answer: Green Velvet

* When lost to the environment it is non-toxic, does not impair normal bacterial action and degrades in compliance with U.S. Environmental Protection Agency approved criteria for readily biodegradable lubricants.

Lubrication Specialties Corporation

Please note some errors and distortions of fact exist, check facts before quoting...I will attempt to correct and note these when possible in an attempt to maintain the historical integrity I desire for this site.

Yes, this is a distortion of fact. Chris has modified the sign to his let your friends hang around and they cause trouble! ( Nah,...only Joke!)

Kamehameha Day

"Kamehameha Day" takes place annually on June 11th. The holiday was established back in 1871 by King Kamehameha V in honor of his great-grandfather Kamehameha the First. Kamehameha Day is the only holiday that was established by 'Royal Proclamation' that is still officially observed by the state of Hawaii.

King Kamehameha was born on the Big Island of Hawai'i about 1758. Hawaiian legends claimed that a great king would one day unite the islands, and that the sign of his birth would be a comet. Halley's comet was visible from Hawai'i in 1758 and it is likely Kamehameha was born shortly after its appearance. He was the son of Chief Keoua Kupuapaikalani and Kekuiapoiwa. He was raised by foster parents and trained in the art of battle. Kamehameha is remembered for fearlessly unifying the Hawaiian islands and becoming the first unified ruler of the islands in 1795. See

King Kamehameha Day is celebrated with parades, hula, music festivals and the draping of a huge statue of the late king with flower leis.

The Kingdom of Kamehameha was never conquered, Our Queen Liliuokalani protested the occupation of Hawai'i. Her people are peacefully, faithfully waiting, as She requested, for the completion of the promised agreement made between Her and then President Cleveland of the USA.

March 26th Prince Kuhio Day -
" "
From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Also called Kuhio Day / Observed by Hawaii / Birth of Prince Kuhio and passage of Hawaiian Homelands Act. /
Celebrations, Parade / Vacation day for State and city workers, Schools

April 1st. - The Fools Holiday

Atheists' Holiday!
JUDGE'S ANSWER TO ATHEIST'S HOLIDAY REQUEST In Florida , an atheist became incensed over the preparation of Easter and Passover holidays. He decided to contact his lawyer about the discrimination inflicted on atheists by the constant celebrations afforded to Christians and Jews with all their holidays while atheists had no holiday to celebrate. The case was brought before a wise judge. After listening to the long passionate presentation by the lawyer, the Judge banged his gavel and declared 'Case dismissed!' The lawyer immediately stood and objected to the ruling and said, 'Your honor, how can you possibly dismiss this case? The Christians have Christmas, Easter and many other observances. Jews have Passover, Yom Kippur and Hanukkah... yet my client and all other atheists have no such holiday!' The judge leaned forward in his chair and simply said, 'Obviously your client is too confused to even know about, much less celebrate his own atheists' holiday!' The lawyer pompously said, 'Your Honor, we are unaware of any such holiday for atheists. Just when might that holiday be, your Honor?' The judge said, 'Well it comes every year on exactly the same date - April 1st! Since our calendar sets April 1st as 'April Fools' Day', consider that Psalm 14:1 and Psalm 53 state, 'The fool says in his heart, there is no God.' Therefore, in my opinion, if your client says there is no God, then by scripture he is a fool, thus April 1st is his holiday!'

Be WISE, Be no FOOL...